Website Maintenance

Quarterly Website Maintenance for WordPress Sites

Quarterly website maintenance (QWM) is available for WordPress sites and includes the following essential services every 3 months. No commitment required. Opt out any time.

Ensuring that your site’s software is up-to-date with the latest versions protects it from vulnerabilities and, thus, hackers. A hacked website can have a significant negative impact on a site’s Google rankings.

Quarterly website maintenance includes:

  1. Software updates for WordPress core, theme, and plugins to keep your site current and secure
  2. Security scans to keep your site virus-free and secure from hacks and vulnerabilities
  3. Website performance reports sent to your inbox showing site rankings in Google search results as well as visitor traffic volume
  4. Contact form test – Contact forms can sometimes break with server updates and software changes. Are your website visitors sending you emails from the contact form on your site that you’re not receiving?
  5. Website uptime monitoring – receive alerts when your site goes down (often times when your hosting provider does not tell you)
  6. Automatic website backups

Title:   Website Maintenance

Published: 28 days ago

Last update: 3 days ago